• Graduating Class 2016
  • Larry Norton teaching electrical to students at Extollo Training Center
  • Twin Brothers Dilonais and Celonais are determined to learn the construction trade skills necessary to earn a living and rebuild their home.
  • Haitian families need help to acquire the skills necessary to support their families.

We are grateful beyond measure for your partnership. Because of you, we exceeded our end of year matching fund campaign goal and raised a total of $192,230!$96,115 / $75,000
100% Complete

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Matching Fund Campaign

With so many Haitians desperate for job skills and a construction industry unable to find skilled labor, Extollo International is meeting needs with the development of a permanent construction training facility.

The Matching Fund Campaign is designed to get the Extollo Training Center fully functioning for 2017 training classes with an ultimate goal of $150,000.

From now until December 31, 2016, your contribution up to $75,000 will automatically be doubled.

Help us reach our goal of $150,000!

Core Facility

Complete Core Facilities: Donations will be used to complete finishing touches on the main training center building. Additionally, we will install bathroom facilities, set up Extollo’s office, create a lunch preparation and dining area, secure equipment storage and build a guard station.

Student Enrollment

Facilitate Q1 Enrollment: Funds also support first quarter training classes and help build new futures for 40 hard working students. Qualifying students will benefit from Extollo’s job placement programs and may help rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, build an elementary school or complete road repairs on La Gonave.

The Big Picture

Extollo Training Center Campus with Phase 1 Callouts

Getting the Extollo Training Center up and running is just the beginning. Our larger vision is to build out the entire 5-acre Extollo Training Center campus. The image above identifies the areas we will focus on first. The complete facility will include additional vocational training buildings and guest housing.

inside the training building

The 4,000 square-foot training center building includes a shop area, classroom space, offices, and equipment storage and accommodates classes of up to 20 students at a time, with plenty of room for hands-on learning.

Training programs will be expanded to include Level II classes and paid apprenticeships, which build advanced trade skills. Trainers and administrators will receive instructor and business management training. Learn More about our long term goals and see how you can be a part of this great endeavor.

homes for visitors and staff

The campus will have guest houses for visiting staff and volunteers.

For more information on future plans for the Extollo Training Center campus, please visit our website.

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